IJF: World Judo Day To Be Themed ‘Stronger Together’

A day in which the judo community comes together for a common goal will have a whole new meaning.

The International Judo Federation announced that World Judo Day, taking place on October 28, will have a “Stronger Together” theme. This is during a time in which the coronavirus pandemic and other world issues have affected the world. The date coincides with the birth of Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo.

According to the IJF, “Stand Together” is a pledge to learn, do better, and be more effective at a point when people need hope the most.

“It is true that cautious gestures are necessary to avoid infections. It is true that confinement and isolation are remedies in the absence of a vaccine, but together we are always better,” the IJF stated in a release. “Together, even in the solitude of our shared exiles, we are stronger. Technology is not a bland input and contributes greatly in the fight against abandonment and depression. Then, when everything has passed, the contact remains. Life goes on.

“For all this, because during confinement we had to keep hold of our principles and because now we must rebuild our lives, we will do better if we stay together; we will be stronger.”

Due to the coronavirus, all competition has been put on hold. The IJF and judo stars will now be preparing for the Judo World Championships, which are scheduled to take place in 2021 from September 12-19.

The IJF will look to utilize the eight values of judo during a holiday that has been celebrated since 2010. The theme has always been about respect, with additions to it as time has gone on like honor.

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