‘I’m Prepared For That’: Anderson Silva Open To Box Floyd Mayweather

Former UFC champion Anderson Silva feels that going toe-to-toe against boxing ace Floyd Mayweather may not favor him, but he’s open to fighting him.

Silva is coming off a first-round finish against his former MMA colleague Tito Ortiz. He knocked Ortiz in the first round of their boxing showdown. In June, he had beaten former world champion Julio César Chávez Jr. with ease.

Despite being 46, Silva’s reflexes and conditioning is fast enough to bring down experience boxers.

After his one-sided win against Ortiz, his fans flooded his social media posts with their suggestions. They want him to take on Mayweather next.

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“I don’t know, that’s insane!” the Spider said while speaking on The MMA Hour. “I don’t know if I can fight on the same level as Mayweather but this is a challenge for me. I don’t know, maybe this happens or not. I’m prepared for that.”

“I just try to do my best every day and I think this is a good fight, me and Mayweather. Two big names and a different level. I go try to prove why I’m there to fight with Mayweather. I don’t know if this happens or not but I’m prepared for a good challenge for myself,” he added.

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