Instagram Post And Merab Dvalishvili Hints To Jose Aldo’s Retirement

Jose Aldo had a few words to say following his loss to Merab Dvalishvili.

Aldo made his first official comment on his Instagram profile after suffering a unanimous decision loss against Dvalishvili at UFC 278.

“We are the history we make. Take care of every detail of your path, every step, step or bend. Every challenge and every accomplishment He is a better planner than you. You may even doubt him but he will always believe in you,” the post says, translated in English.

“He put you in this world to shine. To be better every day To smile and make people around you smile. What matters is what makes your heart beat. Don’t accept a life less than you deserve. Thank you for all the affection I receive along my journey, it’s priceless. 🙏🏼Who will be in the trenches next to you? – and does it matter ? – More than the war itself.”

Dvalishvili and Aldo spent all 15 minutes finding out who the best fighter is. Dvalishvili used his wrestling to record takedowns and took control of the fight.

Aldo was ready to defend himself from Dvalishvili’s takedowns, but it was not enough to win the fight. Dvalishvili forced him to be offensive and made him defend himself most of the time.

After the fight, Dvalishvili said Aldo let him know that he was retiring.

“When he was down, and I go to shake his hand… he say ‘that means this is my last fight because this is my last run to title, and I guess I’m done,’” he said.

Also after the fight, Dvalishvili said that he would never fight against Aljamain Sterling because they are friends.
Dvalishvili is now the No. 3 ranked fighter in the bantamweight division.

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