Internet Celebrity KSI Calls Out Jake Paul For YouTube Series Finale

In 2018, YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI had the idea of boxing one another. Unlike a normal callout, however, this wasn’t done in a parking lot or a mall, but inside the Manchester Arena in a boxing ring. What started as a small rivalry ended up becoming a profitable asset for the sport of boxing.

Now, after three professional bouts featuring YouTube stars, could there be one more to end the whole series? Olajide Olatunji, known as KSI, has called out Jake Paul to fight on a Matchroom Boxing card. Speaking on Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellow’s “Talk The Talk” podcast, KSI talked about his goal for one more fight against Logan’s brother.

“My eyes, I’m aiming for Jake (Paul). I feel like that’s… I need to finish this whole YouTube boxing thing off, and he’s the guy… It’s going to happen,” KSI stated. I don’t know when, but it has to happen. Then that’s it.”

The first fight between KSI and Logan Paul generated over 2.25 million online viewers via YouTube and 1.05 million on PPV. 21,000 people came to see the fight, with a live gate revenue of about $3.5 million. It ended up being a majority decision draw (57–57, 57-57, and 58–57 in favor of KSI). The rematch, this time with Hearn promoting the fight, produced 216,000 UK PPV buys. KSI won the bout via split decision (56-55, 57-54, 55-56)

Hearn has previously stated that YouTube fights will help bring in a new audience for boxing. As a result, it will help the sport thrive. Watching the wild press conferences, viewers were able to view other combat sports-related content on Matchroom’s channel. Hearn has even offered a contract for a fight between former NFL star Antonio Brown and Logan Paul.

Jake, 23, beat AnEsonGib inside The Meridian At Island Gardens in Miami. It was a sloppy but easy win, as he was able to finish him off in the first round via TKO. While Hearn was questioning why KSI would go after Jake’s brother, KSI spoke about the risks and how the reward is worth it.

“Everyone’s like, ‘You don’t need to, you don’t need to.’ All my life, I’ve taken risks,” KSI went on to say. “I took a risk when I fought Logan, the first time and the second time. My whole legacy was on the line. Imagine if I lost to Logan… I can’t make the music I’m making, I can’t make a song called Undefeated. My whole YouTube channel would be different. I can’t be as egotistical and cocky as I am on my channel. Everything would have changed.”

“Why would I stop (taking risks) now?”

If he were to win, KSI would have beaten both Paul brothers and helped Matchroom and DAZN enhance viewers. How can Eddie Hearn say no to that?

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