Invicta FC Inks New Broadcast Deal With CBS Sports

Following a slow 2023 and first half of 2024, it has been announced that Invicta FC will return to action live on CBS Sports for their next 5 events.

With all 5 planned events scheduled for 2024, it should be an exciting 6 months to come for the promotion. That being said, there is no discussion on what will happen in 2025 at this time, if the ratings do not go as hoped, they could be shopping for a way to distribute once again.

The news was released earlier this week by Invicta FC’s founder and president Shannon Knapp via social media.

The promotion held their most recent event in October 2023 with the broadcast streaming live to YouTube. Now, on June 28th, Invicta FC will make their triumphant return live on CBS Sports from Memorial Hall in Kansas City.

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