Invicta’s Frey Misses Weight, Vacates Atomweight Title

Tonight (February 7), Invicta Fighting Championships will have its first event of 2020. Inside Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Atomweight Champion Jinh Yu Frey will fight Ashley Cummins in the main event of Invicta FC 39. Unfortunately for Frey, she is no longer the champion.

On late Thursday, Frey (8-4) missed weight, coming in at 105.8 pounds. As a result of being .8 pounds over, Frey was forced to vacate the title, while also being fined 25 percent of her purse. Frey posted on Instagram following the announcement:

“To my absolute humiliation, this morning I missed the atomweight championship limit by 0.8 lbs. I have plenty of reasons, but they don’t matter. I failed in my professionalism. The fight will proceed, but it is now vacant and I will not be fighting for the belt. If I win, I will receive the next title shot. After the event, my husband and I will revisit this and discuss where we go from here and where my future lies. I still have a 5 round fight on the horizon, so for now that will have to await my attention. My apologies to my opponent, her camp, Invicta, and the fans for failing in my duties. But, for now my mind and focus is on tomorrow.”

Winning the title in 2018 against Minna Grusander, Frey successfully defended it one time. This is the second time she is facing Cummins (7-4), who she beat via unanimous decision at Invicta FC 24. The title is available for Cummins (7-4) to take if she wins. If Frey wins, it will become vacant, and she may compete for it at another point in time.

Per Invicta, here are the full weigh-in results from Invicta FC 39:

Jinh Yu Frey (105.8)* v. Ashley Cummins (104.5) – Atomweight Title
Pearl Gonzalez (124.7) v. Miranda Maverick (125.1)
Shanna Young (N/A)** v. Daiana Torquato (125.1)
Alesha Zappitella (105.5) v. Kelly D’Angelo (105.8)
Erin Blanchfield (125.1) v. Victoria Leonardo (124.6)
Jillian DeCoursey (105.7) v. Linda Mihalec (105.2)
Tina Pettigrew (135.3) v. Monica Franco (134.8)

* Frey missed weight by .8 pounds

** Young fell ill, forcing her and the bout to get cut

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