Invicta’s Phoenix Series To Have Opening Scoring Trial

In what can only be described as convenient timing, Invicta FC will test out an open scoring system at their upcoming Phoenix Series event. The tournament, in its third inception, is set to take place March 6 in Kansas City.

In a press release, Invicta announced the Kansas Athletic Commission will offer open scoring as an option for everyone. Open scoring will reveal to the masses how the judges are scoring the fight after reach round. It was revealed that the scores from all three judges will be collected and given to the corners of each fighter, as well as the broadcast team. Fans in the arena and at home can see the scores on the provided screens in front of them. For those at home, it will be on UFC Fight Pass.

“We’ve been considering open scoring for some time and, with the Kansas Athletic Commission’s decision to allow open scoring, we welcome the opportunity to use it on a major MMA promotion for the first time,” Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp stated.

The announcement comes after a controversial weekend in combat sports. UFC 247 in Houston featured some questionable calls by judges. The Jon Jones-Dominick Reyes fight ended with Jones retaining his Light Heavyweight Title via unanimous decision, with one judge giving the champion a 49-46 score. There have been talks for some form of change, with Invicta looking to be the first to do so.

This will be the first time a major MMA promotion utilizes open scoring. As this is only a test run, it will be up to Invicta to decide if they want to keep the program.

Knapp added, “Invicta FC has always been about innovation,” Knapp continued. “There are theoretical arguments for and against open scoring, but we think anything that could potentially improve the sport is worth trying. We are going into this event with an open mind. Afterwards, will regroup with the commission, our athletes and listen to fan feedback in order to make an informed decision about the future.”

The Phoenix Series 3 event will feature an eight-woman, one-night bantamweight tournament. The Bantamweight Title will also be on the line, as Lisa Verzosa faces Julija Stoliarenko for the vacant title.

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