Is Boxing One Of The Most Popular Sports In The US?

While hardcore boxing fans have been scoffing at exhibitions and celebrity boxing matches, there seems to be a growing bright side to it.

On Tuesday, Forbes reported that a recent Harris Poll showed “boxing’s popularity is surging in the United States.” The poll surveyed more than 2,000 adults in 2021 and ranks boxing as the country’s fourth most popular sport with 33% of respondents saying they are fans of the sport.

According to the poll, boxing only trails football, baseball and basketball. It is even ahead of MMA.

Many boxing stars have found themselves as social media giants like lightweight Ryan Garca, undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, to name a few. Each of these boxers has a million followers or more on their respective social media platforms.

YouTuber-turned-boxers Jake and Logan Paul have helped bring boxing to the younger generation. Jake has fought in boxing matches against former UFC fighters like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley twice while Logan took on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Prior to boxing, both were best known on YouTube and Disney Channel.

Internet influencers and combination boxing/Verzuz events have also given a boost to the sport.

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