“We have no idea how athletes recover from COVID,” said Herring’s nutritionist, Paulina Endara of Perfecting Athletes, via ESPN. “This is still so new. But we’ve done everything we can to make sure Jamel is healthy and ready to fight.”

“Semper Fi” made his professional debut in 2012. He is currently on a five-fight win streak, winning the WBO Junior-Welterweight Title against Masayuki Ito in May 2019. He defended it in November, beating Lamont Roach Jr. via unanimous decision.

With breathing issues a possibility, Herring was asked if he wanted to compete in a ten-round affair instead of twelve. He quickly responded with an “absolutely not”, believing in his ability while feeling bound to his duties as champion. Although he will be taking his own advice, Herring knows firsthand that everyone, including him, needs to take extra precautions due to COVID-19.

“Oh, you definitely have to take this seriously,” Herring stated to News 12, via Essentially Sports. “It spreads just like that. For me, you know, I was taking every precaution. I was not hanging out in big crowds or in environments like that. I was solely focused on only my training, and I still got hit.

“So you’ve basically just got to watch your surroundings and the people that you’re around because… Like I said, you may feel good one minute and you may not even show symptoms. But you will still be able to carry it and spread it around to others. You’ve got to take care of yourself and the people you’re around.”

Herring’s fight on July 14 will be taking place from inside the MGM Grand Conference Center under the “Bubble” in Las Vegas.