Isaac Cruz’s Coach Likes Chances Against Vasiliy Lomachenko

The hype is building for the match between Isaac Cruz and Vasiliy Lomachenko. If there is one fan who seems very confident about Pitbull’s chances, it is his father and coach, Isaac Cruz Sr.

Cruz Sr. believes that his son will take out the Ukrainian boxer the same way as Orlando Salido, who ironically handed Lomachenko his first career defeat.

“It would be an identical copy of the fight that Siri Salido did to Lomachenko,” Cruz Sr. said to Izquierdazo. “If Siri Salido beat him, at that age, and by utilising his experience, then I really have no doubt that we would beat Lomachenko.”

“I have no doubt at all [that my son would beat Lomachenko], and what I could confirm is that a decision would not be reached,” Cruz Sr. insisted.

Lomachenko returned to the ring recently against Jamaine Ortiz. Although he won, many believe the fight was closer than expected. It is said that the 34-year-old is on the decline, and his age is starting to show.

“We would work [to press him in the same manner as Salido]. [Cruz] would not give him a break, that hurts Lomachenko.

“[Lomachenko] boxes very nicely, but he is not used to being overwhelmed so much. Pitbull keeps coming over and over.”

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