Italian DJ Gives First Public Interview After Being Allegedly Punched By Conor McGregor

Francesco Facchinetti said he doesn’t want money out of the incident.

Facchinetti accused UFC star Conor McGregor of punching him at a party in Rome. He has also pressed charges against the fighter, but clarifies that his intention is not to earn any money from the situation nor get the Irishman jailed.

Facchinetti is a renowned DJ and television presenter.

“He can do better than this. He can be better than this. What happens, he punches a guy tomorrow and that guy dies? What happens? What happens to MMA?” he said in an interview with ESPN.

The Italian DJ said that he was at a dinner with American actress Bella Thorne and her husband on October 16 when McGregor contacted Thorne and invited her and Mascolo to a party at the St. Regis hotel.

Facchinetti and his wife were also invited to the same party. Facchinetti said that seeing Thorne and her husband leave the party, McGregor’s appeared angry.

That is when McGregor punched him in the face with his right hand and later the former UFC champ’s bodyguards asked Facchinetti and his wife to leave the party, the DJ said.

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