‘It’s A Mad Scene’: Conor McGregor Gets Flashbacks Of Nate Diaz Rivalry After Nunes-Pena

When Conor McGregor watched the main event of UFC 277 on Saturday, it reminded him of someone.


McGregor said he saw many parallels with his and Nate Diaz’s rematch in Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena’s rivalry.

Both double champions – McGregor and Nunes — suffered submission losses in their first bout against an underdog opponent. But in their second meeting, both McGregor and Nunes reasserted their dominance by a decision win.

Nunes took her bantamweight belt back by unanimous decision after pulverizing Pena, who wouldn’t give up. Nunes became double champion once again – also holding the featherweight title.

McGregor believes that some fights are very similar in MMA, and these are one of those few battles.

“It’s mad to me the similarities of last night’s ladies bantamweight world title fight rematch to mine and Diaz’s fights,” McGregor said on Twitter audio.

“No. 1, the highly touted, the GOAT of the sport, me and Amanda Nunes – sheer toughness, willingness to fight, but caught off guard.

“Took a couple of shots, gives a couple of shots, eats a couple of shots, but then the tide turns (and) gets choked. Now the return of the rematch, confidence on the other side, tenacity, toughness, all that is still there. More focused work on Amanda Nunes’ side …

“At the end of the original bout (with Diaz), ‘I’m not surprised motherf*ckers.’ And then again, ‘I’m not surprised motherf–kers.’ Julianna said it.

“And then the (Nunes-Peña rematch) goes the exact same way in the second fight (as mine with Diaz). Dropped multiple times, just better prepared, cracks with the shots, gets dropped multiple times, (but) the toughness is still there, she’s still on Amanda’s face, (Diaz) still on my face.

Some fights are iconic mixed martial arts bouts. Amanda is a double champ, I’m double champ.

I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised. I don’t know. It’s a mad scene.”

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