Jack Catterall Avenges Controversial Loss, Defeats Josh Taylor By Unanimous Decision

Jack Catterall avenged his controversial loss to Josh Taylor, beating the Scot via a unanimous decision.

Catterall started well, landing the jab to push Taylor backwards. Taylor attempted to press the action, only to get hit with a left hook. Another left followed, but Taylor responded with a right. Catterall, however, took the first. Taylor tried to fight back in the second, but Catterall’s jab was on point again.

A clash of heads resulted in a slight pause. Taylor tried to work the body, using the centre of the ring, but Catterall was landing the cleaner shots. Taylor had a much better third, connecting a huge left hand that sent Catterall staggering backwards. The two then traded in the center, as Catterall’s left eye was swollen.

Catterall was on the ropes again, allowing Taylor to connect with a right hook. Catterall, however, responded with a straight left and a double jab. Catterall finished the fourth strong, using that jab, followed by a left hand through the defense. A huge bump developed over Taylor’s right eye.

Catterall had his best work in rounds five and six. He popped Taylor’s head back with the jab, followed by a straight left and a right. Catterall followed up with a big straight right and uppercut, with Taylor buckling on the ropes in the fifth. Taylor looked out of ideas. Another clash of heads followed in the sixth, with Taylor arguably only having won a single round. 

Taylor needed a stronger start to the second half. It was a much better seventh, landing a right hook on Catterall, who was bending down. Catterall appeared to take the round off, following a big fifth and sixth, as Taylor landed a left to the body. It was a better response from Taylor, who needed to press the action. 

Catterall slowed down in the eighth, as the jab and left hand were not landing. Taylor became more aggressive, attempting to walk Catterall down. Taylor landed an uppercut as the momentum slowly shifted. The ninth was a more competitive round.

Following a double jab, Taylor was backed up on the ropes. Taylor responded with two right hooks, as both fighters were tiring. Heading into the final two rounds, Taylor needed a strong finish. But it was Catterall who hurt Taylor. The Brit landed a left flush on Taylor. Another left followed, leaving Taylor reeling.

The Scott needed a stoppage in the final round, but it never came, giving Catterall the win on the scorecards: 117-111, 116-113 and 117-111. It was the second defeat of Taylor’s career, as Catterall avenged his controversial 2022 loss. Bob Arum was not happy with the scorecards, thinking his man had won, with suggestions the scorecards were wider than they should have been. 


“Those scorecards were a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. I really feel sorry for Josh. I thought he won the fight. Those scorecards were ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I will never, ever allow an American fighter to come here with the British Board scoring the fight. Those scores were ridiculous,” Arum said

Eddie Hearn understood Arum’s comments. He also felt the fight was much closer than it should have been. However, he stopped short of giving Taylor the win, stating that the right man won. Taylor has expressed his desire for a third fight. There is enough of a narrative to make it happen, but boxing fans largely felt Catterall had won.



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