Jacobs Grateful To Prove Himself Against Canelo

Daniel Jacobs may give a lot of credit to Canelo Alvarez heading into May 4th, but the Brooklyn born boxer is in no-way thinking he will be on the losing end.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday during a media conference call, Jacobs continued to push that his strength and size will be the key to victory on May 4th.

“What I know is that I have the physical advantages,” Jacobs told reporters after praising Alvarez’ technique. “I look forward to using my physical advantage, my reach, height, range, and being that I also have speed, power,

Fighting on one of the biggest boxing weekends of the year, Jacobs is ready to show how great he really is.

“I’m super grateful. Cinco de Mayo is definitely one of the biggest boxing events that is. So to be a part of that, especially against one of the biggest stars, arguably the biggest star in boxing, is just icing on the cake for me. It’s a breath of fresh air,” Jacobs said on Monday.

“Getting to in there and be a part of the big of the event and I feel like all is at stake. There’s so much at stake with this fight, as well. I cannot only become the best middleweight in the world, but a future potential Hall of Famer in this fight, as well, pound-for-pound, etc., however you want to view it. There’s so much that I can gain from this fight on such a big weekend.”


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