Jacobs: “I Am The Best Middleweight In The World”

On Tuesday, Daniel Jacobs hosted the media for a workout at CEA Fitness on Long Island, ahead of his middleweight unification battle against Canelo Alvarez on May 4th.

When asked if Alvarez can use his power to “bully” the IBF world champion, Jacobs believes his combination of speed, power, and height will be able to ward off Canelo.

“I don’t necessarily think Canelo can bully me,” Jacobs told reporters. “I think that it’s going to be really hard for him being the smaller guy to dictate that. I’m a rough guy when it comes to being in the ring. From the outside looking in, it might look different. But in the ring, I’m a physically big guy with speed and power, so it’s more about the tactics that I choose to use to be victorious.”

“All I see is my hand being raised. I’ve envisioned KOs, decisions, all the positive things. As far as controversy or negativity, him being able to take my punches or push me back, that’s not entered my mind. We only think positively before going into the ring, we’re ready for every possibility, but ultimately, we are on a positive path to victory.”

A win for Jacobs does not only mean he is the unified middleweight champion of the world, but it would in a sense give him back a win against Gennady Golovkin.

“Victory would truly show the fans that whether you think I beat Golovkin or not,” Jacobs said of his controversial decision loss to GGG in 2017.

“I am the best Middleweight in the world. I’ve always said that I am the best, and I’ve also always been vocal that the win over Golovkin was taken from me. So, a win over Canelo puts a new idea in the fans’ minds that this guy is the best as he’s proven it against a guy that bean Golovkin – and then I can give Golovkin the rematch and prove that I am better than him.”

“We leave tomorrow,” Jacobs said of his final preparations. “So, I’m going to go to Brownsville before I go to get some love to take with me that I was raised from and go out and conquer the world. It’s Brooklyn versus everyone where I’m from. This is the opportunity and my one shot to achieve my dreams. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get of being from Brooklyn, so to go back and feel the love before I go to Vegas is important.”

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