Jacobs: I Respect GGG, But I Won That Fight

Despite the strength of his resume heading into Saturday night, Brooklyn’s Danny Jacobs was expected by many to be knocked out by Gennady Golovkin like GGG’s past opponents. Instead, he gave Golovkin an insanely close fight, going to the scorecards after twelve rounds of back-and-forth action.

The judges awarded Golovkin the unanimous decision victory. Following the fight, Jacobs took to Twitter to say that he felt he deserved to win the decision.

In the fourth round of the middleweight title fight, Golovkin landed his hardest punch on Jacobs and knocked the challenger to the canvas. Many expected Jacobs to fold shortly after the knockdown, but he instead picked himself off the floor and began mounting a comeback.

Jacobs controlled much of the back half of the fight, switching stances effortlessly and moving well as he looked to avoid GGG’s pressure and land boxing combinations.

"After the knockdown, I told him he’d have to kill me,” Jacobs said after the fight. “When I got up, I thought ‘Is this all he has?’ There were many times during the fight I went toe-to-toe because I knew I could.”

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Jacobs proved himself to be an elite middleweight on par with the likes of Golovkin, who was thought to be head and shoulders above the rest of his competition. If GGG does not end up getting the long-awaited fight with Canelo, a rematch with Jacobs could be in the cards down the line.

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