Jacobs Likes Rozier Too Much To Talk “Gossip”

A new trainer and a new weight class seem to be a bigger challenge for Daniel Jacobs, as he makes his super middleweight debut on December 20th against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

While Chavez Jr’s status is a huge issue, Jacobs is only focused on getting back in the ring after his May loss to Canelo Alvarez at middleweight.

“I’m training for a challenge, but if you want for me to be completely honest, this fight is not going to be the biggest challenge I’ve had in my career,” Jacobs told BoxingScene.com in an interview. “I don’t think that’s going to be the case. The only challenges I’m going to face is adjusting to the super middleweight division and maybe feeling the power, and going body-to-body and actually feeling the physique of a super middleweight. But he’s more like a light heavyweight. I have the skillset and ability to move forward, and move back. It’s a perfect fight for me at the perfect time.”

After having Andre Rozier as his coach for some of the most successful moments of his career, he split from his trainer following the loss to Alvarez, now working with Zab Judah’s former coach Fareed Samad.

“There were some small differences. There isn’t too much I want to talk about because I love Andre and have the utmost respect for him,” said Jacobs of Rozier.

“It was just time for the transition to happen. It came at the best time. I don’t want to get into depth because I respect him and I don’t like causing confusion, rumors or gossip, but at the same time, I wish him the very best with him and his fighters and everything that he does.”

“Danny has to do what he has to do, I’ve got nothing to say about Danny. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with him. He hasn’t been good to me. I treated him like he was like my son. Sometimes you have to let them go,” Rozier told Michael Woods of Ring TV back in September.

“Money changes some people, not all people, some remain the same. I never wish any bad to Danny, love the kid, but I don’t like him anymore. Now, no prima donnas allowed.”

“I am fully in control of my career and things that happen,” said Jacobs. “I’m just happy to have that liberty to move how I want to move. I have the best team, and now that I have this new trainer, I’m looking forward to learning and implementing new things … It’s a new chapter. I’m excited.”

J“In order to be one of the best, I now have a clean slate and new platform to do so at 168… The Canelo fight was the last straw for me at 160. The things that I put my body through in that camp was the most extreme I’d gone through in a very long time — and then I had to weigh-in the next day, too. I tried to play it off as much as I can, and I hate making excuses. I outgrew the division.”

Initial Report: Boxing Scene

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