Jacobs on Plant: ‘He’s Still Kind Of Green’

It wasn’t that long ago when Caleb Plant, the IBF Super-Middleweight Champion, called Daniel Jacobs out on Fight Hype. Plant (20-0), 27, stated that the 33-year-old Jacobs (36-3) is on his way out and he would love to have a chance to toss him to the curb.

“By the time that I do become a mega star because I will, he’s already messed it up,” Plant stated. “He’s not a mega fighter, and we can’t have a mega fight. You’re old, and you’re on your way out. They’re not going to let that happen.”

“He can have this fight because I would love to fight him. I’ll put a boxing lesson on him. I would love to fight him. I would fight him in a heartbeat.”

Plant turned professional in 2014, with Jacobs doing so in 2007. During his time in the ring, Jacobs has won the WBA Middleweight Title as well as the IBF Middleweight Title. Jacobs still believes he has a lot left in him, and that Plant has a lot to learn. Speaking on the Ak & Barak Show, Jacobs dismissed the young Plant but was interested in a challenge.

“It’s kind of pointless, because, to say I’m not relevant… Obviously, a boxer wants to get inside another boxer’s skin… I was only being honest when someone asked me who I thought was the weakest link… He does have a lot of flaws. I think he hasn’t been tested, I think he’s still kind of fresh, still kind of green,” Jacobs stated.

“If he wants to get it on, he already know. I’m the type of fighter, I can go. I have opportunities to work with other different promotions. If that fight wants to be made, we can do it. I’m his big brother.”

Jacobs moved up to super-middleweight recently following a loss to Canelo Alvarez in May 2019. He beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. back in December. Plant won the IBF Super-Middleweight Title from Jose Uzcategui back in January 2019. He has defended it against Mike Lee and Vincent Feigenbutz. He has been asking for a fight with current WBC Super-Middleweight Champion David Benavidez.

When it comes to Benavidez, Jacobs believes he’s one of the best fighters he can face in that division. Jacobs also doesn’t think Plant would do well against a fighter like that.

“That particular fight is too strong, the pressure… I don’t think Caleb’s ever been in a type of fight like that where he has to be on backfoot all the time and receive pressure, the guy cutting off the ring. It will be difficult,” said Jacobs.

Who would win in a fight between Jacobs and Plant?

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