Jacobs’ Trainer Disses Canelo

On Saturday night, Danny Jacobs proved that he wasn’t only unafraid of Gennady Golovkin, he was on par with him in the ring: he snapped GGG’s knockout streak and took him the distance in a razor-close fight. After the fight, Jacobs’ trainer Andre Rozier spoke about the fight and cast some shade in the direction of other fighters who haven’t fought GGG.

Rozier acknowledged that the fight was close, but he believed that Jacobs won. Either way, he says, they proved that "the boogeyman" was not the unbeatable foe that so many have made him out to be.

Asked what the fight means in terms of predicting how the much-hyped GGG-Canelo fight would go, Rozier was not ready to say that that fight would ever take place.

"I don’t know, I don’t think Canelo is going to fight GGG. He has no reason to," Rozier said. "Canelo can fight anybody he wants and make millions of dollars. If I was his manager, I’d say ‘we’re never fighting GGG’. Because the kid can just keep winning until he meets someone like Daniel Jacobs, where he’ll end up losing.

"He’s a cash cow, and they’re making good on it. And I’m not mad at him for that. The only thing that upsets me about Canelo is when you say you’re going to do something, and then you don’t do it. You say you’re going to come and put yourself on the line and fight GGG, but you didn’t do it. So don’t profess your actions and then fall back on it. In the law of the streets, that makes you a bitch."

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