Jacobs vs. Derevyanchenko Live Results

The IBF Middleweight Title will have a new holder after Daniel Jacobs and Sergiy Derevyanchenko collide to determine the new champion at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Oct. 27.

Gennady Golovkin was the previous IBF champion, claiming the title back in October 2015. When his originally scheduled May rematch with Canelo Alvarez was canceled, GGG was granted a defense exemption so long as he faced Derevyanchenko before August 3. After GGG-Canelo 2 was re-booked, however, the IBF stripped GGG of the title and ordered Jacobs vs. Derevyanchenko to determine the new champion.

Jacobs previously held the WBA (Regular) Middleweight Title from August 2014 until March 2017, when he lost a title unification bout with GGG. Jacobs, however, earned praise for being the first man to go the distance with Golovkin since 2008. Jacobs has since bounced back with unanimous decision wins over Luis Arias and Maciej Sulecki.
Derevianchenko has won all 12 of his bouts thus far since turning pro in 2014, with 10 wins coming by KO/TKO. This will be his first shot at a professional boxing championship.

Jacobs and Derevianchenko have been sparring partners before, with both men training under Andre Rozier and Gary Stark Sr. Jacobs will be with Rozier for this bout, while Stark corners Derevianchenko.

For the vacant IBF Middleweight Championship: Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko
WBA (Regular) Super Featherweight Championship: (c.) Alberto Machado def. Yuandale Evans via KO (Rd. 1, 2:25)
For the vacant WBO Female Featherweight Championship: Heather Hardy def. Shelly Vincent via unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 99-91)

IBF Middleweight Championship: Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko:

Round 1: Slow start with both men trying to find openings, Jacobs staying back more. Derevyanchenko lands and goes on an attack. Jacobs manages to get onto the front foot, however, throwing combinations. A couple of lefts from Jacobs. The two exchange weak jabs. A strong combination forces Derevyanchenko’s glove to touch the canvas, getting a knockdown right before the bell.

Round 2: The pace goes back to a quiet one but Derevyanchenko hits an overhand left, stunning Jacobs and forcing him into retreat. Jacobs switches to a southpaw stance briefly before switching back after little action from either man. Jacobs seemed to recover but not much action in the last minute.

Round 3: Derevyanchenko on the front foot to start. A few left hands from Jacobs. Derevyanchenko gets Jacobs into a corner and throws a combination, but Jacobs lands a left. Derevyanchenko throws a small combination. Jacobs being very cautious of Derevyanchenko, trying to not get caught again. Jacobs throws a right. Derevyanchenko lands a right and Jacobs lands one to the body at the bell.

Round 4: Each man landing several combinations. Body shot by Jacobs. Left hand upstairs by Derevyanchenko. Derevyanchenko fires away, forcing Jacobs’ back to the ropes. Jacobs trying to get back into it but has to get by the jab. Right hand rocks Derevyanchenko, but Derevyanchenko throws fire of his own and lands a strong shot on Jacobs right before the bell

Round 5: Combination upstairs by Derevyanchenko before he lands two body shots of his own. Jacobs’ back is to the ropes, and he is now working Jacobs’ focus of body shots against him. Jacobs doesn’t get much with a weak combination. Derevyanchenko lands a body shot followed by an upstairs right. The Ukranian lands a couple of lefts, forcing Jacobs back. Jacobs with a right. Derevyanchenko throwing to the head. Hook by Derevyanchenko, followed by a body shot and another hook. Jacobs is staying with him, but he doesn’t have as impactful an answer.

Round 6: Jacobs in the southpaw stance. Derevyanchenko throws a few upstairs. Jacobs lands a couple, including a body shot and a right hand. The two are exchanging. Derevyanchenko lands a couple of hard rights. A couple of lefts from Derevyanchenko. Jacobs just misses a hook but lands two body shots. Another body shot by Jacobs. Jacobs trying to keep his distance. A couple more body shots by Jacobs before each man exchanges upstairs.

Round 7: Jacobs moving around on the outside. Derevyanchenko throws a couple of shots. Jacobs misses. Derevyanchenko lands a couple of weak headshots. Two rights from Derevyanchenko, followed by a hard left from Jacobs. Jacobs, with his back to the ropes, working the body on the inside. Body shots from Jacobs. Jacobs throwing with the right, landing one at the end at the same time Derevyanchenko gets one in on the body.

Round 8: Big uppercut from Jacobs, with Derevyanchenko trying to hold his own. Each man landing a body shot. Derevyanchenko looks a bit fatigued midway through the eighth. Jacobs working the left jab. Derevyanchenko lands a left. Jacobs continuing to work the body well.

Round 9: Jacobs throwing the left once again, before going back on his back foot. Jacobs is staying on the outside, and yet he seems to be more aggressive. Hook to the body by Derevyanchenko. Combination by Jacobs. Two body shots and a straight by Derevyanchenko. Body shot by Jacobs. A couple of lefts to the head by Derevyanchenko. Jab by Derevyanchenko, followed by a left hook to the body.

Round 10: Derevyanchenko lands a few lefts, while Jacobs works the body. Derevyanchenko throwing upstairs. Combination by Jacobs. Jacobs landing a couple of lefts, but his back gets to the ropes and he barely avoids Derevyanchenko doing as much damage as he could’ve done. The two exchanging to the bell.

Round 11: Clinch up against the ropes, with Jacobs’ back against them once more. Derevyanchenko lands some weak punches upstairs. Two rights missed by Derevyanchenko. Straight from Derevyanchenko, small uppercut from Jacobs. A couple of shots to the body by Derevyanchenko. Uppercut by Jacobs. Straight right by Jacobs, forcing Derevyanchenko back a bit. A combination by Derevyanchenko, going on the attack with Jacobs on the ropes. Jacobs throws a strong right, and the two are getting into yet another exchange. Jacobs lands another hard right. One more exchange before the bell.

Round 12: Right hand missed by Derevyanchenko, but the “Miracle Man” is on his back foot once again. A couple of shots to the head by Derevyanchenko. Right hand to the body by Jacobs. Right hand by Derevyanchenko. The fight moves back to the center and each is trying to find an opening on the other. Derevyanchenko lands a couple of left hooks on the inside. A couple of lefts upstairs by the Ukranian. Jacobs is backed into a corner, and both men appear to be drained. Right hand to the body by Jacobs. The two go into a big exchange in the final 20 seconds of the fight.

Official Decision: Daniel Jacobs def. Sergiy Derevyanchenko via split decision (113-114, 115-112, 115-112) to become the new IBF Middleweight Champion

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