Jake Paul Announces His Next MVP Event For April 24

Jake Paul has announced his next Most Valuable Promotions event for April 24.

That is a quick turnaround following Paul’s first-round KO of Ryan Bourland on March 2. The stoppage secured Paul back-to-back KOs against professional boxers, having stopped Andre August. The Problem Child wanted Canelo Alvarez, whose next opponent is uncertain with Cinco De Mayo around the corner. But with April as the target date, that rules out a Paul-Canelo fight.

Amanda Serrano could find herself on this card. Her featherweight title defense against Nina Meinke failed after she pulled out with an eye injury shortly before the main event. That ended hopes of Serrano defending in font of her home crowd in Puerto Rico.

“I’m so sorry. I came to fight, I came to put on a show for you guys. One thing I will tell you, I will be back. This is where I will retire. … I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I was willing to go out there and still give the fans a show but they just wouldn’t allow me to,” Serrano said

If Paul were to appear on that card, it is unlikely to be against Tony Ferguson. Paul was addressing claims over his MMA debut following his PFL deal. The Problem Child was open to facing UFC fighters if they could pull free from their UFC contracts. Nate Diaz was the main target, but he rejected a $10-15 million offer for a PFL fight. Ferguson wanted the Paul fight, but “The Problem Child” has dismissed that, referencing Ferguson’s seven-fight losing streak.

“Anyone who can get out of their contract, I’ll fight. That’s easy work as far as I’m concerned, but I do want to do a PFL MMA match. It just has to be the right opponent, but Nate [Diaz] did duck my $15 million offer, so we’ll see who else is on the chopping block. Tony Ferguson, he said he wanted to fight? I don’t want to see him go out like that. That would be sad. He’s a great guy, we don’t want that for Tony,” Paul stated 


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