Jake Paul Details Plans Of Overtaking Conor McGregor On Money Chart

Jake Paul’s chances of beating former UFC double champion, Conor McGregor, inside a cage may be slim, but the YouTuber-come-boxer is headed to another arena to one-up the Notorious.

McGregor became Forbes’ highest-paid athlete of 2021, above the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Saul Alvarez and LeBron James. Now, Paul wants to dethrone the Notorious as the highest-paid athlete for this year.

Since making his pro boxing debut in 2020, Paul has gone on to grab five straight wins and made a whole lot of money in the process.

In an appearance on the Disrupters Podcast, Paul revealed that he plans to overtake McGregor on the income scale.

“That is just what I made from boxing [$40million],” Paul told Fox Business. “I made some more on top of that from brand deals and advertisements.

“That is not including my crypto investments, NFT investments, Metaverse investments. If I were to cash out, yeah I have probably made an extra $60million on top of that just from my investments last year if I were to liquidate it.”

“I put money into Bitcoin when I was sixteen years old but I am a long-term holder so I can add to the retirement fund. I have my team at Morgan Stanley and they handle all this stuff,” the 25-year-old continued.

He was referring to McGregor’s total earning of £36.6m from his two fights in 2021.

The Irishman went on to generate another £100m last year including the sale of his whiskey brand Proper Twelve which stood around $100million (£74million).

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