Jake Paul: I’m A Better Boxer Than Logan

YouTuber, “Rapper,” and subject of a series of documentaries that labeled him as a potential sociopath Jake Paul is making his pro boxing debut on Thursday night.

Both he and his brother Logan have looked to use boxing as their new platform following a successful amateur card in 2018 where the two fought fellow YouTubers KSI and Deji. While it could be the latest in a litany of attempts for both social media stars to grow their brands and retain what seems to be stagnant fanbases, Paul claims he and his brother are all in on boxing.

“I’m ready to fight right now. I fell out of love with my girlfriend and in love with boxing. I’m focused,” said Paul.

“I’m the better boxer between my brother. I’m the better technician. I listen more. He doesn’t have that killer mentality that I do. But he’s got power and speed and he’s a great athlete … I’m going to end this kid Gib before it goes to the judges.”

Paul has been in fierce competition with his brother for the majority of their lives, especially on YouTube where they had a “feud” that included a rap battle and the older brother Logan claiming he slept with Jake’s ex-girlfriend and featuring her in a music video.

“People don’t understand training in high altitude in Big Bear until you actually do it. It’s twice as hard. It drains the energy to your bones and to the core of your muscles. It’s helped me get in shape and keep focus and away from distractions in Los Angeles,” said Paul who has been training with former world champion Shane Mosley for his fight on Super Bowl week.

“I have natural power from being a wrestler. I’m feeling super confident. I’m ready to get this win. There is nothing he can do, and there is nothing that I’m not prepared for. The easiest day is going to be the night of the fight. We’ve put in the hard work.”

“We’re going to show Gib a good time in Miami at the after party right after I knock him out,” Paul concluded. “Beat him up, than to get him a lap dance at E11even. I’m dedicating this fight to America. There is a US vs UK feud. I’m really putting on for America with this fight and walk out with some US troops from our military.”


Report: Boxing Scene

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