Jake Paul Offers $10M To Masvidal And Diaz For His MMA Debut

Jake Paul is willing to pay $10 million to either Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz for his MMA debut in the PFL.

The Problem Child recently indicated his intention to fight in the PFL following his fight with Mike Tyson on July 20. Paul signed a deal with the PFL in January 2023, joining other boxers such as Claressa Shields and Savanah Marshall. Paul has been linked with fighting Diaz and Masvidal for some time.

After beating Diaz in their boxing bout last August, Paul made a $10 million offer for the rematch. The same offer has now been made for Masvidal. Neither fighter has taken the offer up. However, Paul’s name was mentioned during the promo for Masvidal’s boxing bout with Diaz on June 1. The two MMA fighters ridiculed Jake’s skills, with Masvidal mocking Paul’s MMA offer.

Paul has responded by accusing Masvidal of ducking his offer. He blamed the UFC for preventing a fight for fear that Masvidal would get beaten.

“Either Masvidal or Diaz in the PFL. Ten million dollar offer for either one of those guys…Again, they will literally hide behind the fact — Masvidal, ‘You can’t even box…That’s why [because I will beat him] they don’t want Masvidal to box me. That’s why Masvidal is allowed to box. The UFC gave Masvidal a list of 35 names that he was allowed to box. He’s technically still under UFC contract, so they’re letting him out of his contract to box Nate, but there’s 35 other names and I was not on it,” Paul stated


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