Jake Paul Opens Up On Rematch Clause For Tommy Fury Bout

American professional boxer Jake Paul reveals that he has a rematch clause against Tommy Fury, but it is only for him. The two are scheduled to fight on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

It is the third time they are booked to fight, as Fury has pulled out both times previously. However, he is optimistic that the fight will go through, and he will get the better of Paul.

If Fury overcomes Paul at the end of this month, he will have to repeat his heroics, as the social media star has said that he has a rematch clause.

“I believe there’s a rematch clause, yes. It’s on my side,” Paul said to the media (h/t TalkSport).

“The kid’s a novice, he’s never fought anyone good. He’s never even fought an eight-round fight. He just doesn’t have the experience like I do, which is crazy to say because he’s been doing it his whole life, but people call him a professional boxer, and they respect him as a professional boxer.” Paul said on The MMA Hour.

It is not the first time that Paul has added a rematch clause in his contract before a fight. He did that in his bout against Tyron Woodley.

“So I would love to strip that title from him. I wouldn’t even have to actually train for that fight. I would still train because I’m a professional, but I wouldn’t have to train to fight him.”

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