Jake Paul Pranks Fans In Video Saying He Broke His Back From Carrying Boxing Rivals

Jake Paul knows a thing or two about keeping the media engaged.

Paul, a Youtuber-turned-boxer, is due to face his former sparring partner Hasim Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, August 6.

In an Instagram clip, Paul can be seen wearing a hospital gown, declaring that he might not be able to fight before lashing out at his next opponent.


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“So guys I’m in the hospital. I had an accident,” Paul addresses his fans in the video while appearing to be in distress. “I’m still going to be able to fight on August 6th so get your tickets at msg.com before they sell out.

“But I broke my back… carrying the promotion for this event.

“It’s broken.’ he shouts, before yelling: ‘Nurse! Nurse, more morphine!”

Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose, who was dressed in nursing attire, was there to console his apparently ailing boyfriend in the video clip.

The 25-year-old then hit out at his opponents, asserting they don’t know how to “sell this s—”

“I broke my back,” he continues, “carrying the last five fights promotion. My opponents never sell s—.”

“Ah, it hurts,” he then screams, “These motherf—— never sell s—. They couldn’t sell a pen to a writer.”

Paul fans enjoyed seeing his dramatic skills, claiming him to be a “marketing genius,” while others were not as impressed.

Paul, who has always been linked with controversy, wasn’t spared criticism this time around as well, as some of the fans urged him to “pick an opponent with a record worthy of selling a fight.”

Statistics have shown that Paul has made a huge impact since turning to professional boxing and has been one of the biggest media attractions in recent times.

The 25-year-old was originally scheduled to face Tommy Fury on the same date, but a visa denial to Fury resulted in the fight being called off.

Paul and Fury often went back and forth at one other, with each boxer claiming to knock the other fighter out cold if the two ever met in the ring. But perhaps that fight wasn’t meant to happen.

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