Jake Paul Refuses To Train With John Kavanagh

After the rumors were flying around Jake Paul, it seems like the former YouTuber isn’t interested in training with Conor McGregor anytime soon.

The 25-year-old has been hinting about his MMA move in the last few months.

He has made himself prominent in the spotlight after battles against former and current UFC stars. Considering the positive plaudits Paul has received after those battles, many people have suggested he should take the leap the other way.

Meanwhile, the American is yet to decide on whether he should consider the move or fight in the cage, but where is he going to train?
Ever since the rumors came to the floor, many MMA gyms have liked the prospect of Paul joining them.

Most notably, SBG gym in Ireland regarded the American fighter very highly and said that they would welcome him with open arms. This gym is the home of Conor McGregor.

“Training with losers is not in my DNA. We got people who call themselves fighters and haven’t won a single fight in their careers. In nice and polite words, they can try their luck somewhere else,” Paul said in an interview with Mirror.

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