Jake Paul Responds After McGregor Criticises The Diaz Fight, Shields Calls Out Paul

Conor McGregor criticized Nate Diaz and Jake Paul’s bout causing the latter to respond.

Paul walked out with a unanimous decision in a fight that captivated the crowd without too much action, despite a knockdown.

The ‘Problem Child’ managed to land a left hook that sent Diaz to the floor in the fifth round. Although the latter got up, in truth, the MMA star failed to exert any serious pressure.

The judges scored the bout as follows: 97-92, 98-91 and 98-91. But given that Diaz had the chance to cause an upset, McGregor was not best pleased with Nate’s performance. 


Peoples champ I gonna say this now, them antics when its time2move ain’t hitting for me no more. I’ve seen him point, I’ve seen him turn/walk away etcetc. it’s stale now.

“F*n Do somethin cos you’re doing nothing! Could’ve been the 170lb ufc champion. Wasted it. Ur doing f**k all,” McGregor

But Diaz was not the only target of his criticism. McGregor hit out at Paul after the latter failed to stop someone, who was making his boxing debut.

And given that Diaz is 38-years-old, the failure to see an action-packed stoppage got McGregor talking. 

“I gonna serve up your liver on a sandwich in the trilogy m8. Out straight. I won’t even hit ur face.That was abysmal last night. Paul is a retard.

“Absolute garbage he is. Moving backwards like I was watching a fight in rewind. Holy garbage. Embarrassing stuff all round IMO,” McGregor

In response, Paul had a few choice words to say about the matter. Paul highlighted the fact that McGregor has not been in a fight since 2021 following his loss to Dustin Poirier.

And with no signs that McGregor will return anytime soon, given his failure to enroll in USADA, Paul dismissed McGregor’s relevance. 

Shields Calls Out Paul

Claressa Shields has followed up her call out of Keith Thurman by targeting Jake Paul for a fight. 

Shields has been making a name for herself by aiming to make boxing’s first-ever mixed gender fight.

The undisputed middleweight champion put Thurman on notice by vowing to outbox him.

In response, ‘One Time’ agreed on the condition that the bout was for charity, but promised only to use his jab in an attempt to downplay the seriousness of it all. 

And yet, Shields indicated her intention by sharing some sparring clips of her facing off against men. And now it seems that she has Paul in her sights following his win over Nate Diaz. 

But given that Paul failed to stop Diaz, who went the distance in his boxing debut, Shields was confident of getting the better of him. 

Despite this being the case, the boxing community on social media were against the idea of this turning into a fight. 

Social Media Reaction

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