Jake Paul Says He Revived Boxing And ‘The Legends Would Agree’

Jake Paul said he thinks boxing needed a revival, and that’s exactly what he’s done for the sport.

Since Paul debuted in boxing in 2020 against rival YouTuber Ali Eson Gib, where he won via TKO, fans have been asking if the YouTuber-turned-boxer is good or bad for boxing. Paul said the answer is clear.

“I’m the best thing that’s happened to boxing in a century, period,” Paul told Bleacher Report. “The legends would agree. The Anthony Joshuas, the Mike Tysons, the Manny Pacquiaos, the Tyson Furys. They’ve all said what I’m doing for boxing is a breath of fresh air.”

“I think that debate started about a year ago – is Jake Paul good for boxing? I have silenced that, and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of the equation who thinks I’m bad for boxing.”

While many fans argue otherwise, it’s undeniable that Paul has helped put more eyes on the sport, especially from a younger audience.

Before boxing, Paul was a Disney Channel star and YouTuber.

Although he is undefeated in his four boxing matches, he has yet to face a professional, experienced boxer. His resume includes Gib, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson and former MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

But that’ll change on December 18 when he faces Tommy Fury, half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who is 7-0.

“I have a foundation where we give boxing gloves to as many kids as possible. We’re going around, renovating boxing gyms, getting the young kids inspired to box. I think this sport needed that revival,” Paul added.

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