Jake Paul Suggests $50K Minimum Pay For UFC Fighters – ‘Barely Scraping By’

Jake Paul has called for UFC fighters to get a significant pay rise to meet their needs, so that they can compete at the highest level. 

Paul has been a heavy advocate of fighters getting paid their respective worth. This has resulted in verbal exchanges with Dana White.

Although that may have been the case, White recently stated that there was nothing personal between him and Paul, as he had no ‘hate’ for him. 

And yet, Paul has suggested that there should be better incentives for fighters competing in a sport that can have long-lasting effects. 

Cris Lencioni had the unfortunate experience of having a cardiac arrest at 28. This required the family to implement a Gofundme campaign, given that the medical costs ultimately had to be borne by the fighter.

However, a rise in the amount that fighters get paid could change all that. And that is what Paul was advocating for. 

“You know, now that the company is making billions of dollars a year, and the fighters are only getting 15 percent of it. The fighter minimum in the UFC is $12,500. It should be at least $50,000.

“If they made it $50,000, that would change the smaller fighters’ lives in a big, big, big way. They wouldn’t have to work other jobs, they could afford gym fees, they could afford the proper food. Right now, they’re working other jobs barely scraping by.

“If they changed the fighter minimum to $50,000, it would only cost the UFC $20 million per year. But that $20 million would be going into the smaller fighters’ pockets and it’s a world of a difference. Meanwhile, they’re making $3 billion,” Paul

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