Jake Paul Vs. Anderson Silva Gets Clearance After Almost Getting Cancelled

Jake Paul almost lost another opponent. 

Anderson Silva previously said that a sparring partner had knocked him out “two times” during his training camp. This pushed the Arizona Boxing Commission to hold a “special meeting” and “executive session” in regard to sanctioning Silva’s bout with Paul this Saturday. 

Silva said he “exaggerated the normal back-and-forth action.” 

During the special meeting, the MMA legend said that he had to provide a “pristine” MRI, a letter and written statement from the fighter and his trainer.  

The boxing commission later said they were “completely comfortable” allowing Silva to compete. 

“Given all the work we’ve done on concussion protocol and emphasis we’ve been placing on fighter safety, it just left me really concerned,” Commissioner Ara J. Feinstein, a trauma surgeon and ringside doctor said.  

“However, once I had further information, the letter from Silva, the written statement from his trainer, and more importantly, the results of the medical examinations and the approval of the physician reading the report, I became much more comfortable, and I have no objections to Mr. Silva participating in the event this Saturday.” 

Silva and Paul met on Thursday for their final press conference. They will meet in an eight-round cruiserweight bout on Saturday at the Desert Diamond Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Paul and Silva bet that if Silva wins, Paul will face him in a kickboxing match and, if Paul wins, Silva will join him in creating a fighter’s union to help MMA fighters get better pay.  

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