Jalin Turner Versus Bobby Green Referee Stoppage “One Of The Worst I’ve Ever Seen” – Dana White

Dana White has given his thoughts regarding the controversial stoppage in the co-main event between Jalin Turner and Bobby Green at UFC Austin on Saturday, and it seems he shares the same opinion as almost everyone who watched the event live.

During the first round of the highly anticipated lightweight matchup, Green got caught by a three-punch sequence that shook him beyond the point of being able to remain on his feet. Once the competitors hit the ground and Green received a couple more unanswered blows, the fight should have been called off. But, referee Kerry Hatley seemed to hesitate to stop the fight, and allowed several shots to land with Green in a face-down position doing very little to defend.

In the press conference that followed the event, UFC President and CEO Dana White was asked to comment on the questionable stoppage. While he explained that Hatley knows he made a mistake and was not feeling good about his choices in the octagon during this fight, White acknowledged that this was one of the worst referee stoppages he has seen.

“One of the worst I’ve ever seen”

“The difference is we’ve had some refs say some dumb s*** in the past like, ‘Oh, I allowed her to be a warrior tonight,’ and goofy s*** like that,” White explained. “He knows that he made a mistake tonight and he does not feel good about it. So it’s unfortunate.”

“Definitely a bad stoppage. Very bad.”




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