Jamahal Hill On The Public’s “Unreal Expectations” Surrounding UFC 300 Main Event

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill has spoken out on the MMA community’s response to his UFC 300 main event title shot versus Alex Pereira.

After months of keeping the fans on pins and needles in anticipation, UFC CEO Dana White finally announced this past Saturday that plans are in place for “Sweet Dreams” Hill (12-1) to clash with the current holder of the 205-pound title, Alex Pereira (9-2).

While this in itself is an outstanding bout between a former champion and a two-division champion, the MMA community expected more from the main event of such a monumental, and highly publicized, event. Hill, who clearly saw a lack of positivity surrounding the booking of his upcoming fight, responded in a recent addition to his YouTube channel with the opinion that the fans have nothing to complain about when it comes to this card.

“The reaction to this has been kind of a mix of things here and there,” Hill said in a video on his YouTube channel. “It’s been a lot of outrage, a lot of disappointment and things like that. To be honest, it’s crazy to me because, for the most part, a lot of these people are the same people that spent the better part of a year or however long calling me a crybaby. But it’s crazy to see how a card can be stacked – the main card literally has a former champion or champion in every single fight. … Each one of the prelims is worthy of being its own separate main event. And people are crying.

“Like, let’s really be real. It’s really, really crying because you had unreal expectations for something. Now granted, Dana may have – well, he did overstep with some of the comments he made, but he had every intention on delivering on those comments. As you know, anybody who’s followed the UFC for some time, whenever Dana tries to tell you he’s trying to deliver something, he wouldn’t talk like that if he wasn’t trying to deliver something that you people would feel is mindblowing or otherworldly.”

As Hill mentioned, a huge problem in this situation is the possible overhyping of the main event by Dana White. However, it seems that many plans that were initially in mind may have fallen through, and this was the best that could be done to deliver on the CEO’s comments.

“I seen one comment it said, ‘I was expecting Conor vs. Jesus himself,’” Hill said laughing. “At this point, I’m convinced that wouldn’t have been enough. Like y’all could have got Mario vs. King Kong, y’all could have got Wolverine vs. Iron Man. You could have got anything. Hulk vs. Superman, Spiderman vs. Batman, you could have got any of this and you wouldn’t have been happy.”

“People are going to say whatever they’re going to say,” Hill said. “I already know how my fights are and how my fights affect people. Whenever I step in that cage, y’all will be watching. It will be entertaining and it’s going to be action. You already know how I’m coming every single fight, and it’s must see TV. Same with Alex Pereira. We both put it on the line. We’ve shown you who we are through blood, sweat and tears. I have true belief that the true fans, which I believe that pool runs very, very deep in the community, they will lock in and they know exactly what they’re getting in this fight. One hundred percent.”

Regardless of the public response, UFC 300 has a main event to round out a phenomenal card, and the public can stop speculating and overthinking some of the very unrealistic options in mind.

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