Jamahal Hill Shuts Down Glover Teixeira To Capture Vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Title

  • Tonight in Rio de Janeiro, Jamahal Hill has achieved UFC light heavyweight gold over former champion, and veteran of the sport, Glover Teixeira.

The main event of UFC 283 brought fans a battle to be remembered between two extremely skilled competitors. Despite a Herculean effort on the part of Teixeira, the story of this victory came down to Hill’s precision striking and supreme takedown defense.

Through the first round, Teixeira was landing some solid strikes in between takedown attempts, but Hill was certainly getting the better of him. Hill was able to stuff all seven of the attempted takedowns, shuck his opponent away, and land strikes as the two separated.

The most well utilized strategy for Hill in the first round was the way he used the uppercut straight up the middle, which made Teixeira think twice when it came to level changes.

During the second, Hill rocked Teixeira with a lightning fast head kick. Teixeira partially blocked the kick, but it still connected enough to wobble the former champion. From there, Hill went to work, landing uppercuts and straight punches with his opponent’s back against the cage.

Teixeira was able to battle back with strikes of his own, recover, and secure a single to double leg chain takedown. Teixeira applied strong pressure and landed some ground and pound, but Hill was able to use the cage to get his feet back under him and stand.

In round three, Hill landed another strong kick that connected to the side of Teixeira’s head. The veteran was once again on flimsy legs. He fell to his back and played sound defense while Hill attempted to finish the fight with ground and pound of his own.

The battle continued into the fourth round, but by this point Teixeira had a massive laceration above his eye and the blood was flowing down his face, resulting in his vision being affected.

He continued to throw punches in between wiping the blood from his eyes, but after a couple more head kicks from Hill, Teixeira was essentially just trying to survive.

Before the start of the fifth round, the ringside physician had a look at the cuts on Teixeira’s face and decided that he was able to continue.

In a Hail Mary attempt, Teixeira would drag Hill to the ground and secure just his second takedown of the fight. He was able to transition out of half guard and into mount, where he desperately started looking for the submission. Hill defended intelligently and was able to slip out from under his opponent.

Hill took the top position and landed a bit of ground and pound, but would eventually stand up where he played it safe to ride out the remainder of the fight.

Throughout the fight, Hill nullified 15 of the 17 takedowns that were attempted on him. Additionally, he landed 57% of his significant strikes, which totaled 232 to Teixeira’s 75. It was no surprise when the unanimous decision was awarded to Hill.

After the decision, Teixeira would go on to announce his retirement from MMA at the age of 43. He retired with a very respectable record of 33-9. Even though he did not secure the win in his final match, the heart and toughness that was displayed tonight will stand out in the minds of UFC fans across the globe.

To make the night even more significant, Hill is now the first ever alumni of Dana White’s Contender Series to achieve a UFC title.


Official Result: Jamahal Hill defeats Glover Teixeira via Decision (Unanimous) – 50-44, 50-44, 50-44

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