Jared Anderson Overcomes Boos To Beat Ryad Merhy

Jared Anderson secured a unanimous decision win over Ryad Merhy in an uneventful fight that drew boos from the crowd. 

Anderson hoped for a dominant win following his recent troubles outside the ring. The boxer was arrested last month with a third-degree felony for evading the authorities during a car chase. This was after ‘Big Baby’ had been arrested last year for driving under influence and for having a gun in his possession. With plenty to prove, Anderson failed to make the moment count. 

He began the fight with his jab to pin Merhy on the ropes. While Anderson landed right hands to the body, Merhy was clear in his gameplan. Anderson’s opponent focused more on surviving rounds, as he fought with a high guard. ‘Big Baby’ switched to southpaw in the second, with a higher work rate. Merhy was reluctant to engage, although he did land a sharp counter near close of the second. 

The crowd booed as Anderson’s frustration grew. While he was dominating, his dance partner was satisfied with surviving. Near the halfway stage, Anderson was ahead. In rounds six and seven, he began landing on the body. The American was averaging nearly 50 punches a round. But once again, Merhy was holding his own. In the final round, Merhy opened up more, letting go of his power shots. It was too little too late, as Anderson won on the scorecards: 100-90, 100-90, and 99-91.


“I wanted to give the fans a better show, but what can you do? I stayed sharp for 10 rounds, that’s the biggest takeaway. [And] I gotta make some changes. I got hit with a few punches. He didn’t even come to fight, so I shouldn’t have got hit at all. We’re coming to knock everybody off. All of them [I want next]. If I’m ranked with you, if your name is near mine, we can get it cracking, man. ‘The Real Big Baby,’ we coming to knock everybody off. We coming for them titles and we come to…win,” Anderson

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