Jared Cannonier Shatters A Record In His Victory Over Marvin Vettori

In a battle against fellow title contender Marvin Vettori, Jared Cannonier delivered a masterful performance, setting a new middleweight record in the process.

Cannonier emerged victorious by unanimous decision after unleashing the most significant strikes ever seen in the history of the UFC’s 185-pound division.

This win marked Cannonier’s redemption following his previous loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 276 in July, where he had a shot at claiming the title.

Cannonier made his mark, officially tallying a staggering 249 significant strikes, effortlessly surpassing the previous record of 186. The judges’ scorecards reflected his dominance, with scores of 49-45, 49-45, and 48-46 in his favor.

The fight got off to a heart-stopping start when Vettori landed a massive blow, nearly knocking Cannonier out in the first round.

However, Cannonier showcased his resilience and battled back, advancing to the next round.

The tide turned in the second round as Cannonier retaliated with a thunderous strike of his own, putting “The Italian Dream” in the most perilous situation of his career.

Despite enduring over 70 heavy hits from Cannonier, Vettori fought back and finished the round before the bell rang.

Both warriors continued to give it their all as the fight entered the third round. Cannonier started gaining momentum, relentlessly pummeling a bloodied Vettori.

However, in a display of incredible tenacity, Vettori seized an opportunity to elbow Cannonier in the back, further intensifying the battle.

Determined to keep Vettori off balance in the championship rounds, Cannonier showcased his well-rounded martial arts skills.

But Vettori, sporting a crimson mask, refused to yield and even landed a powerful head kick moments before the fourth round ended.

As the fifth and final round unfolded, Vettori fought with everything he had, but Cannonier remained one step ahead.

Cannonier stunned Vettori with a colossal shot, followed by a takedown and a barrage of ground-and-pound strikes.

Upon returning to their feet, Cannonier continued to unleash his devastating offense, cementing his victory.

With this impressive win, Cannonier improved his UFC record to 4-1 in his last five bouts, while Vettori suffered his third consecutive defeat.


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