Jarrell Miller Responds To Recent Failed Drug Test

Once again, Jarrell Miller is looking to claim his innocence following another failed drug test.

Recently, it was announced that Miller tested positive for GW1516, a performance-enhancing drug. He is currently on temporary suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and his planned July 9 Top Rank debut against Jerry Forrest ended up getting canceled. Just like his last failed test, Miller has been trying to clear his name. “Big Baby” spoke with Fight Network about the latest controversy surrounding him.

“I have never, ever willingly taken a steroid for performance-enhancing purposes,” Miller stated, via Boxing Scene. “Did I take something for healing properties, for injuries? Yes, I have. But to win a fight and during a training camp? No, I have never done that.”

Miller (23-0-1) last fought in November 2018, beating Bogdan Dinu via knockout for the interim WBA-NABA and WBO-NABA Heavyweight Titles. He was supposed to fight Anthony Joshua back in June 2019 for the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO Heavyweight Titles inside Madison Square Garden. The 31-year-old ended up failing three separate drug tests before the fight (all for GW501516, HGH, and IPO), forcing him out of action. He was also suspended six months by the WBA to add to his punishment.

Miller would end up stating it was a stem cell shot that caused the three failed tests. He would end up telling Fight Network that he is looking to see if something he took was contaminated. It is unknown if he received another stem cell shot beforehand.

“Nobody can be more outraged [of the allegations] than me,” Miller went on to say. “I’m the one that’s lost millions of dollars. I’m the one that’s had his career on the line. … But I have to think about it with a straight mind. I have to figure it out. Sit down with my team. Get everything in order and get everything done in the right way … It’s sad. I’m angry about it, but like I said, there is an explanation for it, and me and my legal team are working on it.”

As a kickboxer, Miller was suspended nine months by the California State Athletic Commission after testing positive for methylhexaneamine in 2014. This was while he was under the GLORY banner.

When it comes to his future and facing the WBC Heavyweight Champion (currently Top Rank’s Tyson Fury), WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has ruled that out. He stated that Miller was “expelled” from the governing body for not enrolling in its drug testing program. This has been a dilemma for the past three years.

“When he was first ranked, we sent them the documents,” Sulaiman stated, via Sky Sports. “He had three months to fill three pieces of paper, and he failed to do so. Then somehow they claimed they didn’t have the papers, so we rang him again and sent them the paper, and he didn’t submit twice, so he has been expelled from the WBC for three years.”

Miller made his professional boxing debut in 2009 and has 20 wins via knockout.

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