Jarrell Miller Speaks On Recent Failed Drug Test

Jarrell Miller is speaking out on his latest failed drug test.

Miller was set to challenge Anthony Joshua for the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO Heavyweight Titles on June 1, 2019, inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. It wasn’t meant to be as Miller failed a drug test for GW1516, HGH, and EPO. Miller failed three drug tests in 2019.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Miller said that people are shooting first and asking questions later when it comes to his failed drug tests.

“Everybody wants to point the finger but not everybody has the right information. The levels I failed for in this case right now were so minute. And with the EPO, you need to use that for months at a time if you want to get any muscle benefits, not just one shot. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not that person and we are going to prove everybody wrong. I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money trying to find out what’s happened.”

Miller is also blaming the GW501516 findings on a sex pill. He says he ingested the pill at least 30 days before the drug test.

Miller has a pro boxing record of 23-0-1. He hasn’t competed since November 17, 2018, when he knocked out Bogdan Dinu. Nowadays, Miller is best known for shoving Anthony Joshua and failing numerous drug tests. Time will tell if Miller can eventually turn things around.

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