Jarrett Hurd: Trout Exposed Charlo

It seems that Jarrett Hurd is looking to go lion hunting, as he would blast Jermell Charlo’s performance against Austin Trout last weekend.

While as a guest on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, Hurd claims that Charlo should have gotten a unanimous decision victory against Trout, but with a caveat.

“But Charlo didn’t look as good as people would’ve liked him to look,” The IBF and WBA’s 154-pound champion told Michael Woods.

“Or as people thought he was. He was in there, he was loading up, he was looking for the knockout. He wanted to make a statement. I was the only person to ever stop Austin Trout, he wanted to make a bigger statement than I made. He was loading up, telegraphing his punches. He looked like a guy that was anxious to put on a better show than I did against Austin Trout.”

Hurd would face Trout in the fall of 2017, and unlike Charlo, stop the New Mexico native in the 10th round. Hurd believes that Trout may have been the ceiling for someone like Charlo.

“When Jermell gets competition in front of him, he doesn’t look as great as people think he is. He’s walking around saying this, that and the other, and it gets the fans and the people out there to believe it. But if you look at the competition he’s faced, Charles Hatley and Erickson Lubin, these guys aren’t people who’ve hung with the best. And once you get in there with an Austin Trout, you see the difference hanging in there with someone that’s not just there to lay down, be there to fight you, and someone like Hatley, he’s supposed to look the way he does.”

Hurd would go on to tell Woods that he think Trout exposed Charlo, and would take to Instagram on Wednesday and throw a shot at the Charlo’s “LIONS ONLY” mentality, while paying homage to the nation of Zamunda.



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