Jason Knight: McGregor Missed Several TUF 31 Training Sessions

Jason Knight has accused Conor McGregor of failing to turn up on numerous occasions during the TUF 31 series.

McGregor faced off against Michael Chandler in the latest series as the latter got the better of McGregor. The season ended with a 7-1 record in favor of Chandler even if McGregor did beat him in the coaches’ challenge. That increased the possibility of the two fighters facing each other in the octagon, something which could materialize provided that McGregor abides by the USADA testing rules. But for all of the rivalry that may have been on the show, it appears that McGregor’s dedication was not up to scratch. Several practice sessions were allegedly canceled after the Irishman failed to turn up. In response, this is what Knight had to say.

“He missed at least a good solid week of the practices and we were only there for a month. He missed a good solid week of not being there at all. We saw with our own eyes, that these guys are supposed to be doing two sessions a day, and half the time they would cancel either the morning session or the night session.

“A lot of their team, you could tell they got fed up with it. Conor was there to do a job, whenever a camera was there, Conor was turned on. Whenever the camera wasn’t there, he was actually a half-ass decent person, he was pretty cool. When a camera was in front of him, he was this personality,” Knight

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