Jeff Mayweather Talks CM Punk-Floyd In UFC

While speculation ramps up about a potential Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather rematch under MMA rules, some Tuesday were pondering another name from the world of MMA to face the retired boxer… CM Punk.

According to Bloody Elbow, some people have been discussing the idea of giving Mayweather the ability to face Punk as an opening envoy to the world of MMA, not only giving him a fighter with potentially the same skill level inside the Octagon, but also a fighter with some notoriety.

Punk, a former pro wrestler, who was known for his run in the WWE from 2005-2013, was a highly publicized signing for the UFC in 2014. And while Punk has only fought once over the life of his deal with the company, a 2016 loss to Mickey Gall, he may be the perfect opponent for Mayweather.

And when asked by Jody Kohn if his Nephew stood a chance against Punk, Jeff Mayweather was all for the fight against the straight edged Chicago native.

“I don’t know who that is, but we might actually whoop his ass first.”

Oddly enough, Punk and Mayweather both appeared on the same card before, as Mayweather appeared in a “Boxer vs. Wrestler” match against The Big Show at Wrestlemania 24, in 2008. The same night Punk would win the annual “Money In The Bank” ladder match.


Original Story: Bloody Elbow

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