Jeremy Stephens Signs With PFL After Leaving UFC

Jeremy Stephens did not waste time being a free agent.

The 34-year-old fighter has already changed the weight category and chose his next promotion after parting ways from the UFC after 34 fights.

After witnessing no victory in his latest six bouts, he left the UFC. Now he looks to test his powers in the lightweight division in PFL 2022 season.

“It’s a great organization, the fighters over there, the matchups, the potential,” Stephens said.

“They’re gonna pay me a little bit more than the UFC, and I have a chance at a million dollars, which is doable, which I really love. Maybe go in there, win that million dollars, and I like the fact that they fight back to back, month after month.”

“I’m not getting any younger. I love to constantly be fighting. I don’t like sitting and waiting for opponents six months down the road. I’d rather fight once every three months.”

Most modern fans know about Stephens after being called “Who the F–k is that guy” by Conor McGregor during a fight press conference.

But Stephens is one of the most brutal fighters who earned lots of out-cold KO victories. He earned KO victory against Doo Ho Choi, Marcus Davis, Rafael Dos Anjos, to name a few. He was a member of the UFC since 2007.

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