Jermall Charlo Has A List Of Big Name Opponents He Wants To Fight

Jermall Charlo has a long list of top fighters he would like to face.

However, the likelihood of him facing any of those he named is still very questionable.

Charlo, the WBC middleweight champion from Houston, rattled off a few noteworthy opponents he would like to match up against during a heated live video session with his followers on social media. He named a variety of middleweights, one super middleweight, and one former fighters as some of his preferred fights.

Charlo has been feeling the pressure after seemingly being unable to land a fight with some of the top name sand titlists at 160 and 168. This has been made worse for him due to his twin brother, Jermell, being the undisputed champion at 154, who has fought virtually everyone of consequence in his division.

F— all ya,” Charlo said. “I wanna fight Oscar De La Hoya, David Benavidez, Demetrius Andrade and Chris Eubank [Jr.]—whatever his name is—and GGG (Golovkin), too.

“Don’t ask me ever again. I just told y’all all this sh!t. I told y’all what’s poppin’. Alright?

Charlo has been mentioned in possible fights with Andrade, Eubank, and Benavidez in the past. However, his mention of De La Hoya appears to to stem from animosity he seems to have toward the Golden Boy promoter, who has his ambition, especially as it relates to facing off against De La Hoya’s fighter, Jaime Munguia.

“Are y’all haters?” Charlo said when asked about Munguia. “Are y’all haters? Munguia don’t want to fight me. He a lil bitty ass dude. Bro. Munguia ain’t learned enough yet.”

Although, of all the names mentioned, Andrade seemed to be the one he singled out the most.
I wanna fight Andrade – Demetrius Andrade—next, so y’all n—– stop talking s—” Charlo said. “Y’all n—– in the comment, y’all acting weird. He don’t even want to fight.”

Charlo also had things to say about Golovkin and his upcoming fight with Canelo Alvarez.

“GGG Should not be fighting Canelo,” Charlo said. “Canelo already beat your ass. So fight me, now. So I can at least get my clout up. Who else?”

Charlo’s last fight in June resulted in a unanimous decision victory over Juan Macias Montiel. Charlo was originally scheduled to fight against Maciej Sulecki on June 18, but this had to be called off after he suffered a back injury during training.

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