Jermall Charlo Responds To His Brother Missing His Fight And Mocks Caleb Plant’s Form

Jermall Charlo has reacted to his brother, Jermell Charlo, not being at his comeback fight against Jose Benavidez Jr.

Charlo made a successful return to the boxing ring after more than two years out with mental health struggles, with a dominant unanimous-decision win over his opponent. The American showed little signs that he had been away for so long as Charlo’s jab set up many key openings. Despite the night being a successful return, the two brothers have not been on speaking terms of late. And yet, their affection was shown when Jermall attended and hugged Jermell during the latter’s fight with Canelo Alvarez.

However, when it came to Jermell doing the same at his brother’s fight, he was nowhere to be seen. That has left Jermall with a lot to say. 

“If you have a problem, the best way to overcome your problems is to final a special person and talk to them. Some people, they’re here for you.  People like me. DM me. I might hit you back. Find somebody to get you some help. It gets dark, and it’s real. If y’all talk to my twin brother. Tell him that I love him, and I won the fight, and y’all call him for me. He’s not answering my calls. Let’s get these big fights going, and I’ve got more to go. I’m happy to be back,” Jermall said

Charlo Responds To Plant

Aside from that grievance, Charlo has hit back at Caleb Plant after the latter was in attendance for his fight with Benavidez Jr.

There were concerns over how Charlo would look following his mental health struggles and his failure to make weight. At the weigh-in, Charlo hit the scales at 164.4 pounds and then 166. 6 pounds for a fight at 163. Despite that being the case, Charlo eased to a win. And with Plant observing in the background, Charlo had plenty to say. The two boxers were infamously involved in a scuffle as Plant swung and connected with Charlo’s face after the Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford weigh-in.

The former made it clear that Charlo had been disrespectful in his wife’s presence, as well as pulling his beard which forced him to retaliate. That has now set up the narrative for a fight, something which Charlo was open to, while at the same time mocking Plant’s lack of belts. 

“Yeah, for sure [I want that fight]. The whole world can come out and watch Plant fight when I get a chance to do that. He’s lucky tonight that I didn’t go down there and slap his b* a. He’s Struggling Now, He Won’t Have A Belt. I’m not mad at that. I’m going to get it the right way and make these millions.

“We’re not worried about none of that. Talk to me about some old s***. It’s stale. We want something new. Who got the belts? He don’t got no belt. He’s struggling right now. I’m not worried about him. I’m still on top. We good. I’m still going. They can’t wait for me to fight again. As long as we keep it like that, we’re alright,” Charlo stated

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