Jermall Charlo Will Return Soon – Says Mauricio Sulaiman

Mauricio Sulaiman has confirmed that Jermall Charlo will be making a return to the ring soon. 

The WBC middleweight champion has not been in the ring since his win over Juan Macias Montiel in 2021. Since that moment, Charlo has had to combat mental health issues.

However, he had been touted as a potential opponent for Canelo Alvarez. Nevertheless, his brother, Jermell Charlo, stepped in to face the Mexican on September 30th, 2023. 

In the aftermath, Jermall opened up about that decision in a social media rant.

“Yeah, I signed the contract with Canelo too. I gave it to my brother first, so we both make money. Is y’all crazy? We both going to make money, but if I can give it to my brother first until, I guess, get right because they so-called I gotta get right.

“I got get right. I ain’t tripping, but as long as I get a fight with [Canelo]. Y’all want some psychedelics,” Charlo

WBC And Sulaiman’s Response

And yet, Sulaiman did confirm that Charlo would not be stripped. This is despite the fact that Charlo’s mandatory, Carlos Adames, has been waiting since his title-eliminator win over Juan Macias Montiel in October 2022.

Thereafter, Adames faced Julian Williams given Charlo’s absence as he came out victorious. Naturally, questions remain over whether Charlo should be stripped.

However, according to articles 3.5 and 3.6 of the WBC rules, the organization has the power to do the following:

“All WBC champions shall make at least one (1) mandatory defense per year, unless an exception is granted by the WBC in its sole discretion. A champion may be required to make more than one mandatory defense per year, if the WBC has designated more than one mandatory challenger for any reason.

“No bout shall be considered a mandatory defense unless expressly approved as mandatory by the WBC, and made exclusively against an official mandatory challenger designated by the WBC. A challenger who wins the title inherits the mandatory defense obligations of the champion he defeated, unless the WBC in its sole discretion otherwise directs,” 3.5

The time periods for mandatory defenses stated in these Rules may be altered by the WBC in its sole discretion under 13 special circumstances, including if a champion has defended the title in a voluntary defense against a contender the WBC may have deemed a mandatory challenger. No mandatory bout may be contested until such time as is required for a mandatory defense under these Rules & Regulations, including any extensions that may be granted by the WBC in its sole discretion,” 3.6

Given that Charlo’s mental health struggles could qualify as an exception, Sulaiman did have some positive news about the fighter’s return. 

“He was involved in some mental wellness situations and mental health, and the WBC has looked into this matter.

“We have addressed it by ordering an interim championship with Carlos Adames becoming the interim champion, and we have been supporting Charlo’s situation, and we will continue to support him. I am in close contact with him and his brother.

“I believe he will be fighting in the near future and resume his career. In summary, we will always be with our champion, and with our boxers, especially in the bad times,” Sulaiman 

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