Jermell Charlo Knocks Out Brian Castano To Become Undisputed Champion

Live under tonight’s evening skyline at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, Jermell Charlo has become boxing’s first undisputed champion in the super welterweight division. Brian Castano fought well and maintained a sound strategy throughout the championship bout, but ultimately, he was not able to withstand Charlo’s power.

Through the first portion of the fight, Castano’s strategy was clear, close the distance and unleash combinations. While this tactic did yield a certain amount of success, Charlo was able to continuously penetrate the defense of Castano and setup many counter punching opportunities. The Argentinian took several shots, but managed to remain composed in spite of these counter punches, for the time being.

In the fifth round, Charlo landed a series of straight shots that connected cleanly. Castano took a step back, and it was clear that these strikes were beginning to ware on him. But, even after absorbing the stiff punches, Castano continued to fight hard in the pocket, slipping piston like straight shots from Charlo and firing back with counters of his own.

The seventh round is where Charlo truly started to take control and eliminate the momentum of his opponent. Castano would continue to unload quick combinations, but Charlo was reading them well and firing back with absolute bombs after rolling under punches.

Entering the tenth round, the bout was fairly close on the unofficial scorecards, and it seemed neither fighter wanted to leave things in the hands of the judges. While stepping forward, Charlo delivered a firm right hand to the body, then followed up with a well-placed left hook. The hook was partially blocked by Castano, but the blow still made him crumble to his knees.

Castano was still unstable when he made it to his feet, but the action would continue. Charlo saw how unstable his opponent was and moved in for the kill. He landed one final straight left, followed by a hard body shot that put Castano down for the second and final time.

In addition to becoming the first ever undisputed champion at 154-pounds, Charlo became the seventh undisputed champion is boxing’s rich history.

Though Charlo did tease at moving up to 160-pounds and becoming a champion there as well, ultimately he is unsure of what is next for him and his amazing legacy.

Official Result: Jermell Charlo defeats Brian Castano via Knockout – Round 10, 2:33




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