Jessie Magdaleno Provides An Update On His Planned Fight Against Emanuel Navarrete

It was previously revealed that a WBO Featherweight Title fight between Jessie Magdaleno and Emanuel Navarrete was scrapped. This was due to Magdaleno being noncommittal on the bout when it came to pay. The terms of the pay happened to be something Magdaleno could not get behind.

Speaking with Boxing Scene, Frank Espinoza, the manager of Magdaleno, discussed his client’s side of what has been going on. With the fight due to be in Vegas and Magdaleno from the area, the pay split became 60/40 in favor of Navarrete. Magdaleno was hoping for at least $250,000 but it appeared that Top Rank would not budge.

“Negotiations broke down,” Espinoza stated. “We got an offer, looked it over and Jessie was looking to still make a little bit more. It didn’t work out,” said Espinoza. “We have to work through the pandemic and come to a happy medium. Everyone is asked to take pay cuts, but Jessie was not OK with that. It is what it is. We’re just going to have to sit and wait. He understands that by not accepting the terms, we’re now going to have to wait to see what’s next and hear from Top Rank.”

Magdaleno (28-1), who has offered his services to fight for the WBO title, last fought in June, facing Yenifel Vicente a few days after then-WBO Featherweight Champion Shakur Stevenson’s return bout. Following repeated low blows, one which resulted in a late knockdown, Vicente ended up losing via DQ. It was Magdaleno’s third win in a row following a loss to Isaac Dogboe in 2018. He lost the WBO Junior-Featherweight Title to Dogboe after winning it in 2016.

Stevenson vacated the 126-pound title not long ago, making the title available for the taking. As far as Magdaleno’s side, the former champion ended up providing a statement to Instagram.

“I had to get on to clear up all the false Information that the media wanted to post to create a story. No I did not and will never ghost any opponent EVER and I didn’t ghost @worldboxingorg!!!! There’s no entertaining story but the real truth is the money wasn’t right for me and that’s it. Once my people and his people can agree on something better than all the fans will get the fight they want and that’s me vs Navarrete! I want to thank all my fans and team who still support me and that are there for me Day in and out love y’all.”

Navarrete (31-1) made his boxing debut in 2012. He won the WBO Junior-Featherweight Title from Dogboe in 2018 and beat him in a rematch to retain the title. Navarrete defended the title five times, with his last defense coming against Jeo Santisima back in February. The 25-year-old last fought in June, fighting Uriel Lopez to a no-contest. This was a result of the Mexico City Boxing Commission not sanctioning the bout.

As of now, Ruben Villa would be considered next in line to face off against Navarrete. An official announcement has not been made yet regarding a bout between the two.

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