Jimmy Lennon Jr believes a Billion people will watch Mayweather/McGregor

With the hype train for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s clash on August 26th drawing closer. Sky Sports spoke with the official ring announcer for this battle, Jimmy Lennon Jr.

In the interview, the legendary announcer believes that up to one billion people will be watching when the UFC champion and undefeated boxer in Las Vegas in three weeks.

“It’s like no event, it’s so special and maybe over a billion will see it.”

He would also go on to say that the unpredictability of the entire event reminds him of the Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis battle in 2002.

Tyson-Lewis was very big, Julio Cesar Chavez-Greg Haugen had a crowd of 135,000 so that was special in a different way, and all the Tyson fights were very special.

“They had large crowds and TV audience and this sort of reminds me of that because you never knew with Tyson what was going to happen and really I don’t know what is going to happen in this one.”

Watch the entire video via Sky Sports

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