Joe Frazier Forces Corner Stoppage In Heavyweight Title Defense – June 23, 1969 (This Day In Boxing History)

The Fight of the Year took place 53 years ago today.

Joe Frazier made a successful fourth title defense against Jerry Quarry by corner stoppage in the seventh round. George Foreman – who would succeed Frazier as champion – made his professional debut on the undercard.

It didn’t take long for Frazier to take over the bout. By the second round, it was all in his hands.

The champion refused to give punching room to Quarry.

The effects of Frazier’s beating began to show on Quarry’s face; his eye opened in the first seconds of the fourth round. Quarry pleaded with the ringside doctor, “Don’t stop it.”

Quarry’s eye began to close in the following rounds, and the bout was waved off in the seventh.

“I stopped it to prevent a slaughter,” Dr. Kleiman said according to AP. “He pleaded with me to let it go on after the fourth but he didn’t say much when I looked at him after the seventh.”

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