Joe Rogan Raves Over A Hypothetical Conor McGregor vs. Mike Perry Bare-Knuckle Bout

Joe Rogan recently talked up a Conor McGregor and Mike Perry bout in a hypothetical bare-knuckle fight. 

McGregor set the combat sports world abuzz when he stepped into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) cage to face off against Mike Perry.

This unique matchup sparked Rogan’s imagination, leading him to make an audacious prediction on his widely followed podcast.

He acknowledged McGregor’s exceptional skills, highlighting his prowess as a kicker and a versatile fighter.

Rogan’s bold proclamation was clear: if such an extraordinary event were to unfold, it would be a moment of sheer madness and spectacle.

He confidently predicted that the fight would generate a colossal one million pay-per-view sales, or perhaps even more.

“If he [McGregor] decided to do that, if somehow or another they [UFC] gave him the green light to do that, I can’t imagine how that could ever happen, but if it did, if that happened in a bare knuckle fight, that would be f****** bananas.

“He’s a very good kicker, he can do everything, but if somehow or another he agreed to fight bare-knuckle… how big that would be? My Lord… that would be wild. If they did that in bare-knuckle, it would get a million pay-per-view buys at least, probably more,” Rogan

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